another Sesame Street

Barcelon(et)a 2020

On an everyday afternoon close to dusk, in my neighborhood next to the Ocean, very narrow streets with old buildings, originally inhabited by fishermen, now a Multikulti melting pot of charming urbanity, fourth floor, 100 private square feet…

I was invited by a friend to attend a bondage session. I was overwhelmed by the hard mental and body work involved in the tying up, in demonstrating dominance, in letting loose and go, at the mercy of someone unknown who knew so well …

..... at the same time I perceived some moments and gesture of fond embrace and shelter, irritating me… my friend did very well in body response, she is an acrobatic... mentally it was harder to bear, at moments my eyes went to a Sesame Street pyjamas pants, hanging on the balcony, to withstand.

It took a while till we were able to talk again… In some way all threat and fear about bondage were gone, I felt left in ambiguity, yet peaceful and without disgust. It’s life around us, in another Sesame Street. So what?

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