A Cinematic Encounter Across Continents in 4 Acts.

TutuTango is about human encounter, its beauty, its complexity, its fragility, its magic... visualised through the graceful aesthetics of animated dance photography. The dance piece unfolds in 4 acts: I see you, I prepare for you, I feel you, I miss you ....

Two photographers - Michael Sheehand and I - who didn't know each other, separated by ocean and time zone, once started talking over ZOOM..... after several months of exchanging ideas, Michael took pictures of a Prima Ballerina in Tampa, Florida, I photographed a Tango Dancer in Barcelona, Spain, with similar lighting and camera settings to allow our story to be told coherently.

Inspired by the look@feel of Silent movies, New Wave cinema, and Duane Michaels’ storytelling style we then meticulously layered and edited these images creating the illusion that the dancers, though oceans apart, are merging into a unified narrative .... a fictitious symbiosis that transcends the boundaries of time and space.


Accompanying Book TUTUTANGO available at https://www.blurb.com/b/11710348-tututango